In the words of the artist, “My intention is toward cultivating a greater sense of the present moment, and inviting the listener to open more fully to his or her own experience.

 awards and music
Award-winning Solo pianist and composer, Mihran Kalaydjian “Mino”, delivers heartfelt piano melodies with a rare level of artistry and emotion.

Gold Medalist Pianist Music & Composer In Four International Piano Competitions

  • Finalist (11,000 Miles) in Instrumental category for USA Songwriting Competition
  • WINNER “Best Instrumental Piano Song” for The Space Between in 2015 August Akademia Awards
  • WINNER “Best Instrumental Piano Album” in 2015 August Akademia Awards
  • #2 on the Top 100 Radio Charts (Zone Music Reporter) for March 2015
  • Debuted at #5 on the New Age Billboard Charts
  • “Top Pick” for 2015 on Mainly Piano
  • WINNER “The Space Between” for “Best Instrumental Song” in the 2014 IMC Awards
  • Award Winning “ragtime piano player” in the 2014 Independent Music Awards.
  • WINNER for “Album of the Year” in the 2013 Whisperings Solo Piano Radio awards.
  • “Spiritual Awakening” nominated for Best New Age Song in the 2013 Independent Music Awards.
  • Nominated for Best Solo Piano Album on One World Music.
  •  “Radiance” nominated for Best Instrumental Song in the 2013 Boston Music in Media (HMMA’s) Awards.
  •  “2013 Top Pick” from Diana Parsons on Mainly Piano Foundation
  • Ranked #45 on the 2013 Top 100 Albums on Zone Music
  • 2008 Received a Grammy Award nomination for his CLASSICAL MELODY recording.
  • Olga Brose Valencia Prize for Excellence in Musical Composition (2008)
  • “Time Lines” Down Beat Album of the Year 2006
  • First Doris Duke Foundation Award for Jazz Composers
  • AMERICAN PRIZE for Piano Solo Composition 2015, FIRST PRIZE
  • AMERICAN PRIZE for Band Composition 2014 (3rd Place)


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