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Award-winning Solo pianist and composer, Mihran Kalaydjian “Mino”, delivers heartfelt piano melodies with a rare level of artistry and emotion.

As I reflect on my life journey in light of these words, I realize that it has been graced with a deep inspiration to explore what it means to become a soulful human being — to become who one truly is — and to meet the ensuing freedom with responsibility. When I look back upon the tapestry that has often seemed an indiscernible pattern, I have now lived long enough to see how the apparent chaos, the seemingly unrelated steps, the circuitous path, are all part of the movement of life toward wholeness and integration. In all its complexity, in all that remains hidden, in all the struggle and mystery — there is no question for me that life is indeed precious, and that the truth of us deserves our best, our most open heart. The following paragraphs offer a window into this particular life, and the events and forms that helped shape me, bring me to what I currently find to be meaningful.



The Details: With a piano style somewhere between Chopin and George Winston, Mihran Kalaydjian brings melody and heart back to instrumental music. Perhaps Heartsong Review said it best when they described his music as “hauntingly romantic.” Mihran’s music introduces us to a wilderness of musical ideas which the listener becomes anxious to explore.

The romance between Mihran and the piano began early, it has been a burning desire, an insatiable passion to master the instrument. Mihran’s early years were spent in Jerusalem in a family steeped in music and tradition. He plays from sheer instinct. Incredibly, despite his parent’s insistence, he has had no formal training in music. As Mihran grew up, the world of music, became the Goddess that he must relentlessly pursue.

Mihran’s fervor and reverence for the piano is deeply religious – when he plays he is one with his maker. And yet – the piano is also the instrument that he strokes with the passion of a lover, slowly building the music to a crescendo, moving his listeners to untold heights of emotions and ecstasy…

If music be the food of love – O Living Legend …play on…